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Female Empowerment Mastermind

10 Weeks of connection, growth, bravery, fun, and joy as we uncover the next-level version of self. Together, we will rediscover and embody the magic inside each of us.


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This Mastermind is for you if...

  •  You enjoy self-development. You've read all the books and want to learn how to embody the practices these books talk about. Yes, we've heard the term "set boundaries" 100 times but what does that actually look and feel like in our real life.
  • You desire connection with like-minded women learning and growing alongside you.
  • You are ready to reignite your connection to yourself. Asking yourself "Who am I? and What do I truly desire?"
  • You desire to learn how to tap into your sacred sexuality expanding your energy and vitality. (and sex life)
  • You desire more confidence to be, do, and create the life you dream of.
  • You want to master your mindset and self talk.
  • You can't wait to grow to that next level version of you!

10 Weeks of Live Group Calls

Each week we will meet via zoom to connect and discuss the weekly lesson. Lifetime access to all topics.

 Self Development via Embodiment

Taking all the best ideas written in self development books and practicing them together.

Accountability, Growth, Connection

Together we will discover the power and magic in each of us. Along with tapping into our sacred sexuality.

What you will receive...

  • A Private Group Container for Connection, Conversation, and Support
  • Lifetime access to all videos, embodiment practices and worksheets
  • Recorded group calls
  • Distance Reiki Healing
  • Understanding your feminine nature and how to harness your power to your advantage
  • Learn to strengthen and trust your intuition
  • A dedicated self care practice
  • Open, honest and vulnerable conversations on our triumphs and struggles
  • Confidence in who you are as a being
  • Improved relationship to self, improving all other relationships in your life
  • Overcoming any fears or shame around sexual desire
  • Learning how to trust yourself
  • Stepping into your most sacred sexual self.
  • Powerful affirmations to help transform your life
  • Mental strength and understanding the power of your thoughts
  • A gratitude practice

Laughter, Connection, Learning, Inspiration, Support!!



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 If you've made it this far, if this stirrs something in you, if this slightly frightens you, this is your sign that you belong HERE! And we can't wait to have you!!

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